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Get your Digital Flu Shot ASAP

Cyber attacks have reached epidemic levels, and 60% of them are targeted at small and mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations (SMBs). Why? Because they are the most vulnerable, since they cannot spend an adequate amount on technology safeguards compared to their multinational counterparts. Yet today, every business is digital; therefore every business needs to be inoculated from cyber threats.

Just as with influenza or other health epidemics, there is no 100% fail-safe. However, in the same way that vaccines have held at bay epidemic outbreaks and thwarted massive casualties, there are simple and cost-effective steps that SMBs can take to dramatically reduce their risks of cyber attack.

As part of 2018's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, CyberHabits is promoting its Digital Flu Shot campaign to highlight the low-cost, high-impact action that every business can take to improve its cyber risk profile.

The Digital Flu Shot program includes:

A free CyberHabits Health Check, where everyone in an organization takes a short survey focused on personal cyber habits, and each receives a personal "prescription;"

A free report that analyzes the results of the Health Check around organization-wide, departmental, location and role dimensions, with recommendations for managers to improve the organization's security situation;

A free month of fun-engaging video-based cybersecurity awareness training;

A free month of phishing simulations, designed to give employees practice avoiding email scams and phishing attacks, and to set a benchmark for continuous improvement.

Anyone with the organization's permission and support can sign up for their Digital Flu Shot through the link below, which includes the discount code. The discount is available through National Cyber Security Month, which is October 2018.

Sign up for the CyberHabits Digital Flu Shot program

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