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Higher Ed Solutions

Higher Ed institutions must now have a cybersecurity game plan.  Does yours?

As experts in higher ed and cybersecurity, we help schools -- especially non-research ones -- assess their situation, meet compliance standards and take sensible steps towards securing their institutions.  

We are committed to collaobration with Educause, REN-ISAC and other higher ed collaborations as well as vendors to cultivate a cybersecure culture throughout the sector.

How can we help you?  

Security Risk Assessment and Compliance 

Cybersecurity starts with getting a handle on where you stand, and there are standards-based tools that can help you assess where you are, plan your roadmap and keep track of things as you go from here to there.

We help you get your own house in order, with the support of your industry peers.

Risk and Compliance

Vendor Risk Management

You have dozens of app vendors that power your institution, and how these vendors handle cybersecurity affects your risk profile.

We have turnkey outsource solutions as well as tools to empower your staff.

Security Awareness Programs

More than 90% of cyber attacks are the result of human error.  This means that security awareness is often the best first investment in cybersecurity.

Whether for your faculty, staff, senior administration or students, we enable you to leverage compelling and engaging awareness programs that help avoid phishing scams, prepare for cyber attacks and build a cybersecure culture.

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