Employee Awareness

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CyberHabit Basics delivers a standards-compliant awareness program using humorous yet effective video content, quizzes and simulated phishing tests. 


It provides full tracking and reporting of employee engagement and completion.  Industry-bechmarked Risk Scores indicate who needs more attention in securing your organization.

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Spot something phishy

Will your employees take the bait when hackers dangle malicious emails in front of them?


Phishing emails are the leading way attackers get access to your systems.  Why break the locks when you can just swipe the keys?  

Our phishing simulations teach your people to be on their toes and help them spot counterfeit emails -- and know what to do when they get one.

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Size up your human risk

How aware are your employees about their role in securing your organization?


The first step in improvement is measurement.  Our employee risk scores convert individual awareness training experiences and deduce a cybersecurity risk score for each employee as well as for the whole company.  You can benchmark these scores against others in your industry to give you a sense how well you're doing in securing the enterprise through your people.

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