Cybersecurity Assessment

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Even the longest journey begins with a single step.  Your first step is to take a measure of where you are.  In a few minutes most organizations can get a pretty good sense.  Then you can set a course for protection, awareness and readiness.

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Get your Cybersecurity Health Check

Where does your organization stand in terms of your platforms, policies and protections?


Take stock of your cybersecurity situation.  Are you ready for an attack?  Do you even know who has access to your systems? Have your people been schooled on cybersecurity, or do they think it is someone else's job.  In 5 minutes, a short "health check" will reveal a lot.  Want to go deeper?  There's a more extensive version, too.  Both are based on best practice frameworks such as NIST and CIS 20.

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Review your Results

How did you do in your cybersecurity health check?

OK.  You can open your eyes.  And when you do, no matter how prepared -- or unprepared -- you are, our health check recommendations will help you chart a course to a more cybersecure organization.

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Take action - one step at a time

What should you do next?

Your health check results are accompanied by a simple set of options for improving your cybersecurity situation.  Simply click "Get Started" on one of the recommended areas of improvement, and you're taking your next step to securing your organization!


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