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We approach cybersecurity holistically.  Hackers do -- why wouldn't you?

Effective security must combine securing your technology and infrastructure, developing your people, and aligning all of this with your business priorities


Security Policies

Training your people

Strategic Alignment

Secure your technology platforms


Whether provided by third party vendors or custom made, any technology you have is connected to the outside world (whether by the internet or "sneaker net").  That means it can be hacked.

Cybersecurity can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to throw you off of your game.  There are ways of getting a handle on your technology platforms, first by knowing what they are, understanding how they are secured, and having business practices that enable you to keep on top of your security situation before it crashes down on top of you and your organization.

CyberHabits Vendor Risk Management provides a powerful tool for getting your arms around your third-party risks, and our Cybersecurity Assessment guides you through securing your infrastructure. 

Implement effective security policies


Your security policies are the link between your platforms and your people.  They must reinforce the investments you make in securing your technology platforms.  They must achieve compliance with regulations as well as with your customer and partner expectations.  They should reflect best practice -- which means you must keep them up to date, because cyber threats are constantly changing.  And they should align closely with how you train and track your people as you engage everyone in shifting to a cybersecure culture.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment (GRC) tool provides a single place where you can pull these things together.

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Train your people to be aware and prepared


More than 3 in 4 hacks come through your people.  So, no matter how much money you spend on technology, compliance audits or policies, if your people are not on board with your security program, it is dead in the water.

Training for cybersecurity is about awareness, readiness and practice so that you are confident when a cyberattack descends on your business.

Start your team with our video-based Employee Awareness program, the most cost-effective and engaging way to begin securing your organization.

Align your cybersecurity with your strategy


Strategy is about choices.  With cybersecurity, businesses must make hard choices in managing the risks that come along with playing in a digitally interconnected world.  While challenging, these choices do not need to be overwhelming.

Like any other part of your business, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.  CyberHabits helps you comprehensively measure your security situation, your risks and your organization's effectiveness in managing them.

Our expert network of CISOs has tackled these issues in a wide range of industries, and they are eager to help you with your cybersecurity strategy.

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